Dove ‘Evolution’: No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted

Evolution, a largely web based phenomena by Dove has been an astounding success both commercially and artistically. Dove’s parent company Unilever reported a growth of 5.8% in sales of Dove products following the release of Evolution. The spot also won the Grand Prix in the Cyber category at Cannes in 2006, apart from numerous other advertising awards at various festivals. All good!

However, the reason I like this one minute 14-second spot is because it appeals to the social activist in me. It made me realize that to some extent I have been successful in keeping the unabashed persistence by brand forces at bay. I have not let them take complete control of my psyche.

Evolution tells a sharp story, by effective use of stop-motion animation technique and haunting music. A young woman is transformed into a stunning, albeit unreal model by harsh lighting, a team of make-up artists, hair stylists and some ‘Photoshopping’. In the process, an illusion is revealed to the viewers. The images of ‘beautiful’ that women often aspire to, are really just computer wizardry and for the most part, unreal.  Notwithstanding the allegations that it’s just another marketing campaign for a beauty product, what I find refreshing is that it has sparked a debate with its provocative social message.  It has successfully pulled back the veil on manufactured images in magazines and billboards. And really, its huge success just goes to prove that there is a bit of activism enduring in most of us…

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2 Comments on “Dove ‘Evolution’: No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I agree. Although this campaign was controversial, I thought it was a refreshing change from all the nonsense that is pushed at women on a daily basis .I am sorry to see that they have gone back to the standard mode of marketing with the Dove brand.

  2. nishant Says:

    Finally, some sense of realism in the ad world. Thought, you will find this interesting…
    Brigitte is Germany’s leading fashion magazine. They will no longer feature ultra-thin, professional models. Instead, they’ll be using regular women of all different shapes and sizes to model clothes.

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