Airtel: Express Yourself

Clearly, the black and white montage in Airtel’s Express Yourself commercial was aimed at enabling the brand’s connect with consumers on an emotional level.  This was back in 2003 when I was an advertising student in India. Since then the brand campaign has evolved in keeping with the evolution of Telecom category in the country – going through different stages of creating category and technology awareness, targeting premium segment and penetrating mass market. And now with record growth in subscriber base, is digging deeper into user groups with specific product promotions.

Back in 2003, I remember taking an instant liking to the tag line Express Yourself, probably because I was trying desperately to find my own voice.  And of course the copy in the specific spot I am referring to sealed the deal for me. The background score in this commercial is almost certainly the most popular ring tone of all time.

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One Comment on “Airtel: Express Yourself”

  1. diwakar adeeb Says:

    To express yourself should be very elementary but for many of us it seems too difficult. Either we underestimate its power or we are apprehensive that the heavens may fall. Fact is that heavens never fall. These (unnecessary)long sentences have been very beatifully and crisply demonstrated by these ads. This is the power of ads. The ad is great and so is your choice, Sonia.

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