Happy Feet

Okay I admit it. The title of this post is not exactly a tag line a.k.a slogan from an ad. I borrowed it from the 2006 animated feature film Happy Feet. But De Lijn’s (Belgium’s National public transport company) 30 second commercial does have a lot in common with the film. For starters, there are penguins who embrace togetherness to survive. There is subtle humor to drive home a point – that travelling in groups can be good to lighten increased traffic congestion.  Showcased in a fun way, the January 2009 spot  illustrates that advertising need not be overbearing to promote positive behavior change. It deservedly won a Bronze at the New York Festival for best TV-animation.

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2 Comments on “Happy Feet”

  1. Vaibhav Says:

    All Humor aside penguins are actually one of the smartest birds. Thanks for sharing it Sonia!

  2. nishant Says:

    Thanks for sharing it. This is a great ad. Your analysis is always refreshing to read!

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