About me


In typical Twitter style – I’m a marketing communicator, researcher, and writer. Blogger.  Ad enthusiast. Aspiring meditator. Eternal student who is always up for a good conversation or a good read.

And this blog is my way of talking about past and present conversations, discussions, and controversies in the advertising ecosystem.

Ads fascinate me. They do. A span of a few seconds or a passing glance is all they get to make a connection or to make someone sit up and take notice. It’s not an easy job, to make a transition from being viewed as something that interrupts to something that engages.

While many are not, some ads are able to successfully make that transition.  In fact they go beyond just selling brands and become a part of popular culture. Nike’s ‘Just do it’ or for that matter MasterCard’s ‘Priceless’ is not just a tagline; its common parlance. I often find myself thinking about a spot that breaks through all the noise and catches my attention. And then one day I had my ‘Aha’ moment! What better medium than a blog to put forth my thoughts on trendsetters in the ad world, and hear back from those of you interested in the subject.


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