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Call to Action

August 6, 2010

A stimulating idea simply executed makes for a compelling ad. What first drew me to this visual call for donation from GRAACC, Brazil was a clear contour, a minimalist approach to presentation that ensures the focus remains on objects in the center.

The photographs of children are cleverly juxtaposed against their grown-up pictures in similar poses and settings. On the face of it, innocent illustrations that emanate symmetry, a sense of earthly equilibrium between what has been and what would be. It is in fact a perfect set up for what follows in the last frame – a cancer stricken child’s photograph placed adjacent to an empty casing. As the full impact of it strikes the viewer, there emerges at the bottom a telephone number. What brilliant timing and placement for the call-to-action (CTA)! The image of a smiling child, unmistakably struggling with a deadly disease when placed beside a blank frame kindles a deep (and familiar) desire for the promise of a future full of possibilities .

An advertisement’s capacity to persuade is a significant indicator of its success. How long the response time is to the CTA determines if the ROI was well worth the effort. If it persuaded even a handful of people to pick up their phone and dial the number on the screen, then the GRAACC ad has done its job well.


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